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Mariah Hortans 

is a singer, songwriter, educator and voice actress based in Vaasa on the west coast of Finland.

Gifted with a soft and sensual voice, she is best known for her work with jazz guitarist and arranger Mathias Sandberg, with whom she has released two albums and toured extensively nationally as well as in the United States.

Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo just finished a 31 concert tour last fall,

and their 2010 tour was the most extensive jazz tour in Finnish history.

Mariah released her first solo album “Let’s Blame Spring” with her own music fall 2018 followed by a CD-release tour of Finland and Sweden in september the same year.

In fall 2020 she released a single “Barnaskratt” together with Mikael Svarvar on vocals and piano and Rickard Slotte on flugelhorn.

She will be releasing a second solo album as well as a third duo album in the fall 2022.

Photo: Linus Lindholm

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