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Uppdaterat: för 6 dagar sedan

Soo... it's been about a year since I last wrote in this blog.

I've done a lot of scrutinizing of my career goals and what I want my next chapter in life to be like. Maybe this has something to do with me turning 40.. lol

Well at least it has something to do with the fact that me and mr Sandberg decided to retire from the Christmas Jazz touring.

We released one last album "Christmas At Last" and went on a farewell tour last year.

We've been touring with this project for over 15 years, so we both felt it was time to move on.

I am very thankful and proud over everything we've experienced and achieved over the years and I have learned so so much!!

I was in my mid 20's when we started touring so after hundreds and hundreds of concerts it would be very strange if I hadn't evolved quite a bit.

So what do I have going on now?

My upcoming solo album

Well I'm still in need of more fundings before I can release my next solo album, (which is recorded already and just waiting for mixing/mastering/coverdesign/publishing) so I'm applying for grants, and saving up for that.

#vocal/harpduo, #thedoo-bopclub, #artmusic
Night of Arts at The Doo-Bop Club 10.08.2023

Hortans / Junolainen

I'm also writing some very exciting new music together with Mariam Junolainen, with whom I have a vocal/harp duo. We've been playing together for a few years but we started writing music together just this summer.

We have some gigs coming up this fall so hopefully we'll have enough finished songs by then so that we can fill our setlist completely with our own material.

In a not too distant future we also plan to step into the studio and record these songs.

Some other music projects of mine:

#jazzduo, #vocal-guitarduo, #jakobsdagar, #jaakonpäivät, #summerinjakobstad, #summergig, #niklaswinter, #mariahhortans
Main stage of Jakobsdagar in Jakobstad 20.07.2023


Together with guitarist Niklas Winter, I have a quite new jazz duo, with which we also perform our own material.

We did some gigs in the spring and summer this year and you'll most definitely hear more of this project in the future.

Make music not violence

On the international day for the elimination of violence against women me, Carla Fri, Susanne Marins and Rebecca Varhama are arranging a charity concert to raise funds to the shelter home organisation in Vaasa.

Us four vocalists will be accompanied by

Julia Andersson on piano, Emilia Lindblom on bass and Amanda Blomqvist on drums,

and we will all perform some of our own songs.

Very excited about this!!

I'm also in the early stages of creating a music theatre for children, together with my dear, multitalented friend and colleague, Carla Fri.

This fall I've decided to take up teaching again. I'm teaching vocals, ukulele and oriental dancing.

Yes, that's right.. I am now also a dance instructor!

And ofcourse I still do voice over jobs now and then as well as several other things.

You name it - I do it! lol

Now that's pretty much it at the moment.

I wish everyone a very pleasant fall!


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Uppdaterat: 16 okt. 2022

Order "Christmas at Last" at

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I will be releasing two albums this fall, one with the jazzduo and one with my own material.

Stay tuned!

Here's a little sneak peak from the recording sessions

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