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Uppdaterat: 29 jan. 2021

It's been a strange year.. bitter sweet might be the best description of it in my case. I've actually been really lucky compared to so many other freelancers this last year because I had a one year work grant. Also I got married and bought a house for my family so that's some highlights from last year. But still there's no denying the year was very challenging mentally. I am a HSP person so constant bad news is not something I handle well.. most parts of the year I've been depressed, feeling very isolated and anxious about the future. I know I'm not the only one!

Well anyway, last time I posted in my blog I wrote about my single "Barnaskratt" which I recorded with Mikael Svarvar and Rickard Slotte. After that I went on a "corona friendly" Christmas Jazz Tour. Half of the gigs did get postponed to the next year but the other half was either performed for a very small audience, who wore maskes, or was streamed. I guess streamed gigs are here to stay for some time still.. either way I feel very lucky to have gotten to do any gigs at all! It felt like "normal" life was at least around the corner when I got to put on my red velvet dress and sing for a few people in a widely spread out audience.

But hey, who knows if things ever will be exactly like before again.. probably not! Some things will surely go back to normal at some point but I think many things are just the new "normal".

At least I know I have changed in many ways this past year and will never be the same again.

I've learned so many new things when I was forced out of my comfort zone and learning is always a good thing in my book!

I'm actually very excited for 2021 even though I might not get to do as many gigs as I would like to and perform infront of big crowds of people, but still I have many exciting projects in the making. For example I have some co-writing and recording projects this year and I am also working on my next album which is turning out quite different (a good different I hope! 😅) from my first one. I will write more about the different projects in my next post.

I've also started working as a freelance voice actor and that is a job I enjoy very much and am able to do from home, in other words very corona friendly and I hope to do a lot more of it in the future! 😃

Changing subject from music to snow..

I just have to say that I am super thrilled about all the snow we've recieved in Vasa lately!! It's been many years since we've had a "real" winter. 😃

Now I know not everyone's happy about shoveling snow more or less everyday.. but screw that I love it!! 😂 and finally I can pursue my beloved winter sports!!! yay!!!

Another awsome thing is that I have gotten started with dance practise again! I am a woman of many hobbies and I love my hobbies dearly. This is another reason why I was depressed last year.. not only did many of my concerts get canceled or postponed but even worse my dance classes got canceled! 😱 A very big part of my well being, mental and physical, is dependent on me getting to dance together with other people. Don't underestimate the power of dance I tells you! 🤓

What dance classes I take varies from year to year but at the moment I'm taking a lindy hop class together with my husband and I'm actually giving belly dance lessons to a new dance buddy of mine.

Not that I'm any kind of pro but because I wanted someone to practise with and it's a new dance style for her.

Unfortunately there isn't an oriental dance school in Vasa.. YET!

Maybe within my lifetime, who knows. 🤷‍♀️

This picture is from right after last belly dance practise.

It's a great workout for every single muscle in your whole body and it also massages your inner organs.

Again, dance is just awsome!!

So.. I think that pretty much sums up what's going on in my life at the moment.

I think I'll end with a cliché because.. why not?! lol

~After rain comes shunshine~

Wishing everyone lots of sunshine and may we all do our best to adapt to the new "normal".


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Uppdaterat: 28 jan. 2021

This thursday (29.10) my song "Barnaskratt" will be a challenger on "Vegatoppen" in radio Vega and I would be most thankful if ya'll could be so kind and take the time to vote for me!

You will find it here on thursday:

until then you can listen to it on all streaming platforms, for example on spotify:

Thank you in advance XOXO!! :)

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I wrote the song "Barnaskratt" (=laughter of a child) in spring 2019 for my cousin's son's baptition and recorded it live about a month ago together with Mikael Svarvar (arr/voc/pno) and Rickard Slotte (fl.horn). The song is in swedish and describes parenthood with it's ups and downs and how a smile and the laughter of a child gives us new streangth to keep going. It also describes my love for my two daughters.

The cover picture is drawn by my sister Linda Sjö.

Check it out on youtube!

The song will also be available on all digital platforms real soon so stay tuned! :)


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