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What else can you do in these times but try to hold on to your sense of humor (yes, even bad humor!) In case you didn't get my joke then look up a band called "The Knack".

I'm not gonna talk about all the negative sides of Covid-19 like people dying, canceled gigs, entire societies shutting down etc cause we're probably all really fed up with bad news by now.

So to try to find a little light in the darkness here's my list of a few positive effects on my life:

- More time with my kids

- People supporting eachother

- Lots of new jokes about toilet paper

- Finally have time to clean the appartment

- More time spent in nature (at least for the time being here in Finland!)

Can YOU think of anything positive? :)

Stay safe and positive folks!


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A new decade is here and what better way to start it than with a one-year gran! (thank you Svenska Kulturfonden!)

Lots of exciting stuff will happen this year but first let's look at a few pics from the Christmas Jazz Tour :)

So what's happening in the dazzling 20's you ask? Oh well it's gonna be a whole lotta Ginger Sisters to begin with. I just made a brand new website yesterday, check it out! :D

We'll be doing a few gigs in Sweden in april so very excited about that!

Another fun project this spring is a tribute to Julie London that I will do together with swedish guitarist Erik Söderlind and bassplayer Zacharias Holmkvist in March.

It's been 20 years since singer, actress and pin-up model Julie London passed away and 65 years since the release of her first album "Julie Is Her name". Good enough reason, I thought, to celebrate the very talented but often overlooked pop and jazz singer who released 32 albums during the 1950's and -60's.

I'm also currently working on booking a Norway tour for my quartet. The first step was to go through all the video material from my releasetour 2018 and make some promo material.

The result is three videos:

More about the Norway tour at a later point!

Since life isn't all about work I'm gonna squeze in lots of dancing, hiking and hopefully some skiing (we finally got snow yay!! :D) as well as my newest hobby swimming this spring.

And I will even treat myself with a warm holiday in Gran Canaria in March, can't wait!! :D

Well that's all for now.

Have a glamorous 2020!!


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..and that means lots of gigs! :D

(check out the list of shows!)

These last days the ground has been white, no serious amount of snow, just a light layer of powder. It's enough though to make me happy as a child!

It's nice to walk the kids to school in the mornings and breath in the cold fresh air and during the days when the sun is up everything is sparkling as if someone sprinkled fairy dust everywhere.

The dark evenings don't feel as dark either when the white ground reflects the street lamps.

Hey by the way I wrote a wintersong earlier this fall and recorded it on my phone. I'll make a proper recording of it someday but until then this will have to do:

I Had A Dream.

Me and my ginger sisters have two gigs coming up now the first weekend in November so I've had an excellent reason to dust off my tapping shoes.

practising hard or hardly practising?

Here are the facebook events for the shows:

In a few weeks me and mr. Sandberg will be going on our annual Christmas Jazz Tour.

This year we have 39 gigs from Saariselkä in the north to Helsinki in the south.

Here's the facebook event:

All the dates can also be found under "Shows" here on my webpage.

I fell for a facebook add and bought a neck-holder-sleeping-thingy for the christmas tour so let's see if I'll sleep better in the car this year..zzzzzzz...

Well that's all ya'll, thank you and good night!


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