Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo

Jazz vocalist Mariah Hortans and guitarist Mathias Sandberg have quickly created a niche on the Finnish music scene. Their music, which can be described as cool, intimate, traditional vocal jazz is performed completely live with just one voice and one guitar. The duo have performed extensively in Finland during the last couple of years and have done two successful tours in the USA.

Mariah Hortans is a well respected singer, composer and educator. Jazz guitarist Mathias Sandberg is one of the most in demand musicians in Ostrobothnia. He has studied at Manhattan School of Music in New York and Berklee College of Music in Boston, and has been teaching at all the major music schools, institutes and colleges in Ostrobothnia. Georg Riedel, LaGaylia Frazier, Manuel Dunkel, Pierre Swärd and Jukka Eskola are some of the artists he has worked with.

The Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo album Christmas Jazz and Another Jazzy Christmas will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit in style. Classical Christmas compositions by Sibelius, Händel and Schubert are interwoven with traditional Christmas carols, songs and hymns. The songs are sung in English, Finnish and Swedish, and have been rearranged and harmonized with the jazzy harmonies, swinging rhythms and melodic improvisation the duo has become known for.

Mariah Hortans' and Mathias Sandberg's 2010 tour was the most extensive jazz tour in Finnish history.
This year the duo will embark on a 39-date Christmas Jazz tour from Saariselkä in the north to Helsinki in the south.

15.11   Klo 19  Bock's Corner Brewery, Vaasa
16.11   Klo 21  Hotelli Verso, Jyväskylä
17.11   Klo 18  Savonlinnan Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna
18.11   Klo 18  Juuan kunnankirjasto, Juuka
19.11   Klo 19  Nuorisotalo, Pertunmaa
20.11   Klo 19  Kulttuurikeskus Cruselli, Uusikaupunki
21.11   Klo 18  Pomarkun kirkko, Pomarkku
22.11   Klo 18  Hotel Haaga, Helsinki
23.11   Klo 14  Seuratalo Joukola, Luumäki
24.11   Klo 14  Kulttuuritalo Kimara, Keuruu
25.11   Klo 18  Tuusulan pääkirjasto, Tuusula
26.11   Klo 19  Muuramen kirkko, Muurame
27.11   Klo 20  Helsinge kyrka S:t Lars, Vanda
28.11   Klo 20  Teerenpeli Lahti, Lahti
29.11   Klo 21  Ravintola Arvid, Orimattila
30.11   Klo 11  Kauppakeskus Humppilan Lasi  Humppila
01.12   Klo 18  Valkealan kirkko, Valkeala
02.12   Klo 18  Ohto-auditorio, Kontiolahti
03.12   Klo 18  Kajaanin kirkko, Kajaani
04.12   Klo 20  Hotelli Puustelli, Nivala
05.12   Klo 20  Rokua Health & Spa Hotel, Rokua
06.12   Klo 14  Ranuan Seurakuntatalo, Ranua
07.12   Klo 20  Santa's Hotel Tunturi, Saariselkä
08.12   Klo 20  Santa's Hotel Tunturi, Saariselkä
09.12   Klo 18  Övertorneå kyrka, Övertorneå (SE)
10.12   Klo 19  Paattionlehdon kappeli, Kemi
11.12   Kl 18   Gourmetkafé Manna, Larsmo
12.12   Kl 19   Esse kyrka, Esse
13.12   Kl 19   Frans Henriksonssalen, Närpes
14.12   Kl 18   Strand-Mölle, Molpe
15.12   Klo 13  Kyläkauppa Veljekset Keskinen, Tuuri
16.12   Klo 19  Liedon kirkko, Lieto
17.12   Klo 18  Joutjärven kirkko, Lahti
18.12   Klo 18  Koulukampuksen auditorio, Parkano
19.12   Klo 19  Palosaaren kirkko, Vaasa
20.12   Klo 20  Villa Sandviken, Vaasa
28.12   Klo 17  Söderkullan kirkko, Sipoo
29.12   Klo 18  Borgå domkyrka, Borgå
30.12   Klo 18  Tuuloksen kirkko, Tuulos

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