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Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo

Jazz vocalist Mariah Hortans and guitarist Mathias Sandberg, who have toured the United States and played more than 650 concerts in almost every municipality from Utsjoki in the north to Hanko in the south, will embark on a 35-concert Christmas Jazz farewell tour in November/December 2022. The tour marks the release of their highly anticipated third and last duo album “Christmas at Last”.
Jazz guitarist and composer Mathias Sandberg is one of the hardest working jazz musicians in Finland. He has studied at Manhattan School of Music in New York and Berklee College of Music in Boston, and worked with artists such as Georg Riedel, Jukka Eskola, Teppo Mäkynen and Manuel Dunkel.
Mariah Hortans is a well respected singer, songwriter, producer, educator and voice actor.

The Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo albums “Christmas Jazz”, “Another Jazzy Christmas” and their latest release “Christmas at Last” will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit in style. Classical Christmas compositions by Sibelius, Händel and Schubert are interwoven with traditional Christmas carols, songs and hymns. The songs are sung in English, Finnish and Swedish, and have been rearranged and harmonized with the jazzy harmonies, swinging rhythms and melodic improvisation the duo has become known for.


15 Nov 19:00  Penttilä-sali, Liperi

16 Nov 12:30  Ylämyllyn koulu, Ylämylly

16 Nov 19:00  Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna

17 Nov 18:00  Sotkamon työväentalo, Sotkamo

18 Nov 18:00  Toivola/vanha koulu, Ranua

19 Nov 17:30 Kunnantalon valtuustosali, Posio

​20 Nov 18:00  Övertorneå kyrka, SWEDEN

​21 Nov 18:00  Alatornion kirkko, Tornio

​22 Nov 19:00  Pyhäjoen kirkko, Pyhäjoki

​23 Nov 19:00  Kustaa Aadolfin kirkko, Iisalmi

​24 Nov 18:00  Leppävirran kirkko, Leppävirta

​25 Nov 19:30  Suonenjoen kirkko, Suonenjoki

​26 Nov 15:00  Kannonkosken kirjasto, Kannonkoski

​27 Nov 18:00  Karstulan kirkko, Karstula

​28 Nov 18:00  Kappelikirkko, Valkeakoski

​29 Nov 18:00  Hartolan kirkko, Hartola

​30 Nov 18:00  Hankasalmen kirkko, Hankasalmi

​1 Dec 18:00    Anjalan kirkko, Anjala

​2 Dec 19:00    Nastolan kirkko, Nastola

​3 Dec 18:00    Lapinjärven kirkko, Lapinjärvi

​4 Dec 16:00    Palvelukeskus, Kirkkonummi

​5 Dec 18:00    Pyhän Laurin kirkko, Vantaa

​6 Dec 15:00    Uusi Paviljonki, Kauniainen

​7 Dec 18:00    Orimattilan taidemuseo, Orimattila

​8 Dec 20:00    Hangon kirkko, Hanko

​9 Dec 18:00    Pyhärannan kirkossa, Pyhäranta

​10 Dec 18:00  Laitilan kirkko, Laitila

​11 Dec 15:00  Dalsbruks kyrka, Dalsbruk

​12 Dec 18:00  Paattisten kirkko, Turku

​13 Dec 14:00  Malmitalo, Helsinki

​14 Dec 19:00  Järvenpää-talo, Järvenpää

​15 Dec 18:00  Nakkilan kirkko, Nakkila

​16 Dec 19:00  Korsnäs bibliotek, Korsnäs

​17 Dec 19:00  Larsmo kyrka, Larsmo

​18 Dec 19:00  Palosaaren kirkko, Vaasa

Thanks to Svenska kulturfonden, Svensk-österbottniska samfundet, Konstsamfundet, MES and Eugéne, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse for financial support

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