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Back to the 20's! :)

A new decade is here and what better way to start it than with a one-year gran! (thank you Svenska Kulturfonden!)

Lots of exciting stuff will happen this year but first let's look at a few pics from the Christmas Jazz Tour :)

So what's happening in the dazzling 20's you ask? Oh well it's gonna be a whole lotta Ginger Sisters to begin with. I just made a brand new website yesterday, check it out! :D

We'll be doing a few gigs in Sweden in april so very excited about that!

Another fun project this spring is a tribute to Julie London that I will do together with swedish guitarist Erik Söderlind and bassplayer Zacharias Holmkvist in March.

It's been 20 years since singer, actress and pin-up model Julie London passed away and 65 years since the release of her first album "Julie Is Her name". Good enough reason, I thought, to celebrate the very talented but often overlooked pop and jazz singer who released 32 albums during the 1950's and -60's.

I'm also currently working on booking a Norway tour for my quartet. The first step was to go through all the video material from my releasetour 2018 and make some promo material.

The result is three videos:

More about the Norway tour at a later point!

Since life isn't all about work I'm gonna squeze in lots of dancing, hiking and hopefully some skiing (we finally got snow yay!! :D) as well as my newest hobby swimming this spring.

And I will even treat myself with a warm holiday in Gran Canaria in March, can't wait!! :D

Well that's all for now.

Have a glamorous 2020!!


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