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I wrote the song "Barnaskratt" (=laughter of a child) in spring 2019 for my cousin's son's baptition and recorded it live about a month ago together with Mikael Svarvar (arr/voc/pno) and Rickard Slotte (fl.horn). The song is in swedish and describes parenthood with it's ups and downs and how a smile and the laughter of a child gives us new streangth to keep going. It also describes my love for my two daughters.

The cover picture is drawn by my sister Linda Sjö.

Check it out on youtube!

The song will also be available on all digital platforms real soon so stay tuned! :)


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This thursday (29.10) my song "Barnaskratt" will be a challenger on "Vegatoppen" in radio Vega and I would be most thankful if ya'll could be so kind and take the time to vote for me! You will find it