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Farewell summer, welcome fall!

As always, summer passed way too quickly.. but at least we had a few weeks of summer weather, so one should not complain! ;)

I'll mention a few things I've done this summer beginning with a sunny Föusjazz concert together with my ginger sisters and brothers. We also shared the stage with Jorma Lover Big Band for one song. Good times! :)

The next day I drove up north with my boyfriend and hiked the 82km long "Iso karhun kierros" trail for five days.

The nature in Lapland is so incredibly beautiful, I encourage everyone to go see it!

You just can't have a summer without going to an amusement park with your kids! :D

..or without swimming and boating and stuff..

..or without weddings and birthday parties and other "family and friends" stuff, but I'll keep those photos to myself ;)

Finally a few pics from gigs :)

It's been a really nice summer and as sad as it is to let it go we got to keep moving forward and to be honest I actually love fall too. A new start of new things, evenings getting dark again, getting back to everyday routines (yes I like these things! lol) and most importantly DANCE CLASSES START AGAIN AFTER SUMMER BREAK WOHOO!! :D And offcourse not to forget lots of gigs coming up! So farewell summer and welcome fall, happy autumn greetings to all! <3


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