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Finally a gig to look forward to!

Well, just as many other musicians, I lost my gigs for the spring and the summer.. so here's what I did instead:

- First I changed carreer and became my kids teacher when the schools closed down

- Then when they reopened I concentrated on writing music and started some nice recording projects.

-In the middle of that me and my boyfriend bought a house and started moving and renovating so I had to take a break from the projects

At the moment I'm still working long days with the house but in August I will finally have my first gig after this looooooooong break :D

Here's the facebook event for it!

Me and my boyfriend are also getting married in our garden in August so fingers crossed for sunshine and warm weather!! :) <3

After that I can get back to my recording projects and planning gigs for next spring (unless there's a second wave of covid..) yeah.. no risk getting bored any time soon lol

This mess will at some point become my new very very very nice and very very very huge work space!!! :D :D :D (it's bigger than it looks in the picture I promise :P)

Over and out!


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