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Uppdaterat: 14 mars 2019

I had the privilege to visit London with my classmates in february and attended some very interesting lectures with Peter Jenner, Julia Jones, Paul Bevan and Sophia Plessas.

I also did a gig at the finnish church, Merimieskirkko, together with guitarist Jussi Lampela.

And had a photoshoot with Stalin Marimuthu, one of the students at the London College of Fashion.

As this was my first ever visit in London I ofcourse had to take some time to see the city and I could not have asked for better weather! :D

The last night of our stay we had a party and jam with the students and teachers of London College of Fashion, our professor Richard Smith and london musicians Mike Horne and Paul Carmichael.

Thank you London for everything you had to offer and see you again another time! :)


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