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me: Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one, When you gonna give me some time? universe: Corona!

What else can you do in these times but try to hold on to your sense of humor (yes, even bad humor!) In case you didn't get my joke then look up a band called "The Knack".

I'm not gonna talk about all the negative sides of Covid-19 like people dying, canceled gigs, entire societies shutting down etc cause we're probably all really fed up with bad news by now.

So to try to find a little light in the darkness here's my list of a few positive effects on my life:

- More time with my kids

- People supporting eachother

- Lots of new jokes about toilet paper

- Finally have time to clean the appartment

- More time spent in nature (at least for the time being here in Finland!)

Can YOU think of anything positive? :)

Stay safe and positive folks!


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