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"Wanna be" producer

Since june I'm studying songwriting and producing at Lafo Songwriters Academy. I't interesting how life always seem to hand me exactly what I need at the exact right time. For this I am infinitely grateful!🙏❤️

I didn't really think I had it in me but I've learned so much so far that I'm actually starting to feel like hey, maybe I could actually be a producer😅. I got into the whole thing just from curiousity but it's so much fun that there is no going back now, I have to learn more and more! 😍

I have some pop(ish) music cooking that I will publish under a new artist pseudonym when it's finished. Stay tuned! 😁


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Thank you once more Svenska Kulturfonden for the Systrarna Standertskjölds recreation scholarship which made it possible for me to stay at a Yoga retreat for a week and heal my worn out body and mind.

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