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Winter is coming!

..and that means lots of gigs! :D

(check out the list of shows!)

These last days the ground has been white, no serious amount of snow, just a light layer of powder. It's enough though to make me happy as a child!

It's nice to walk the kids to school in the mornings and breath in the cold fresh air and during the days when the sun is up everything is sparkling as if someone sprinkled fairy dust everywhere.

The dark evenings don't feel as dark either when the white ground reflects the street lamps.

Hey by the way I wrote a wintersong earlier this fall and recorded it on my phone. I'll make a proper recording of it someday but until then this will have to do:

I Had A Dream.

Me and my ginger sisters have two gigs coming up now the first weekend in November so I've had an excellent reason to dust off my tapping shoes.

practising hard or hardly practising?

Here are the facebook events for the shows:

In a few weeks me and mr. Sandberg will be going on our annual Christmas Jazz Tour.

This year we have 39 gigs from Saariselkä in the north to Helsinki in the south.

Here's the facebook event:

All the dates can also be found under "Shows" here on my webpage.

I fell for a facebook add and bought a neck-holder-sleeping-thingy for the christmas tour so let's see if I'll sleep better in the car this year..zzzzzzz...

Well that's all ya'll, thank you and good night!


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